Our futures brokerage isn’t for everyone.

We’re looking to work with individuals who want to take advantage of potential opportunities in the futures market and understand that there’s risk.

On our end, we provide research that’s clear, detailed, and actionable produced by our team of experienced pros. You’ll also get support from our great group of guys and gals to help you meet your trading goals.

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Like life, there are no guarantees. But the three principals — Steve, Tom, and Lee – leverage their combined 100+ years of collective experience through the output of daily insight, reports and actionable futures market analysis via IFG Edge.

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You get more than just a recap of the markets.


When we say actionable, we mean actionable. Included in IFG Edge is our unique Numberology system which uses a trend-analyzing math model to forecast price support and resistance ranges as well as provide entry points, stop loss areas, and profit points.

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Numberology Report

Last Update: October 20, 2020

This report uses IFG’s own math-based model against trend data to provide traders with actionable insight.

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IFG: A Different Kind of Futures Brokerage

Trades of the Week

Last Update: October 17, 2020

Lee-Sell Dec Silver $25.20

Steve-Sell Dec Corn $4.15

Tom-Buy Nov Beans $10.35

Using the long term math based trend indicators our analysts offer their individual trade ideas.

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We provide a special brand of futures insight based on our many years of professional futures and commodities experience.
You could navigate the markets on your own…but why not gather some intelligent trading insight to make the journey a little better?

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Ride the Bull: Stock Market Analysis and Strategies

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